Living Stones International Camp in Santiago 2023

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The Camino continues to be a growing phenomenon in our city. Every year more and more pilgrims arrive at the tomb of the Apostle for various reasons. Many of them set off in search of the Lord; others, looking for something they couldn’t put a name to; a good number of them suddenly find themselves with this search in the middle of the stages. What could be better than offering them to know the love of Jesus at the end of their pilgrimage?

This is what we propose to do once again this year with the Living Stones International Camp that we will celebrate this August and in which we would love you to participate. The community Piedras Vivas de Santiago, together with the other communities of Galicia and the Pietre Vive international network we recover this camp that has been a constant in our city since 2013, the first year in which we launched ourselves to welcome pilgrims through the beauty of the stones carved in the Cathedral and in the Collegiate Church of Sar and that was only interrupted by the pandemic.

The camp will take place from the 15th to the 28th of August, one week after returning from WYD. We are still adjusting prices but we want it to be as cheap as possible. In any case, at Living Stones money will never be a problem.

If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to register in this form and, if you have any doubts, write to us at

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